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The Unitary Method

What is the Unitary Method?

The unitary method is when you find the value of a single item.

For instance you are told the price of four identical items so you divide the total cost by four in order to find the value of one item.

You can now find the value of as many items as you want.

The example shown hers shows that 6 bananas cost 78p. 

By dividing by 6 we find that one bana is 13p.

Now we can find the cost of 5 bananas by multiplying 13p by 5.

The unitary method assumes each item has the same value.

Example of the unitary method

Unitary Method Example Question (Edexcel Foundation May 2018, Paper 1, Question 8)

Example Question

Nina buys 2 kg of the meat. 

Work out how much Nina pays.

Answer to Nina buys 2 kg of the meat.  Work out how much Nina pays.

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