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Estimation in maths is a way of roughly working out the answer to a question that would normally require a calculator. It involves making the numbers in the question simpler so that the calculation is easy enough to do in your head.

How do you estimate in GCSE maths exams?

Each number should be rounded to one significant figure (make sure you know how to do this). The only exception is when the question involves square rooting. In this case you should round the number to the neares square number.

It is important that you show the numbers you have rounded to as there are marks awarded for these.

Estimation questions often involve having to divide by numbers less than one so it is worth learning how to do this.

How to estimate and round numbers to one significant figure.

Work out an estimate for the value of

(28.4 Ă— 5.7)/1.89

How to estimate to solve a maths question

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