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Iteration is a mathematical method used to find the solution of a problem through repeated calculations. It is a crucial topic in GCSE level mathematics and can be used to solve a wide range of problems

When do we use Iteration?

Iteration is a technique that is commonly used in GCSE mathematics to solve problems that cannot be solved algebraically or by using other methods. Some examples of problems that can be solved using iteration include finding the roots of equations, finding the values of constants in formulas, and approximating solutions to complex problems.

The idea behind iteration is simple: we start with an initial guess for the solution of a problem, and then repeatedly refine this guess until we get a more accurate answer. The process of refining the guess is called iteration.

To solve a problem using iteration, we typically follow these steps:

Iteration Example Question (Edexcel Foundation June 2017, Paper 3, Question 16a)

Example Question

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