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Quadratic Inequalities

Quadratic inequalities are mathematical expressions that involve a quadratic with a variable such as x and an inequality symbol such as greater than (>), less than (<), greater than or equal to (≥), or less than or equal to (≤).

How do you solve Quadratic Inequalities?

Solving quadratic inequalities involves finding the values of x that satisfy the inequality. 

This can be done by graphing the quadratic function and shading the appropriate region, or by using algebraic techniques such as factorisation, completing the square, or using the quadratic equation.

Most often at GCSE level we solve quadratic equations by factorising.

Quadratic Inequalities Example Question (Edexcel, GCSE, Summer 2017, Paper 3H, Q19)

Example Question

Solve 2x^2 + 3x - 2 > 0

Edexcel, GCSE, Summer 2017, Paper 3H, Q19

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